August 2017

Ryan Paskin Takes Delivery of DAF CF260

Ryan Paskin; part of the Shepherds transport team takes delivery of 2 more new vehicles.


These latest DAF CF260 soft-side vehicles come equipped with all the latest FORS safety features.

May 2017

40Ft Soft Side Trailer.

Safety Improvement are coming thick and fast at Shepherds. Hot on the heels of the Giant Double Deck trailer is this brand new Soft Side trailer which itself is another significant first.

40ft Soft sider

This is the first Soft Side trailer to join Shepherds fleet since Shepherds made the decision in 2014 that all new flat bed vehicles whether they be trailers or rigid trucks would all come equipped with a driver fall arrest system. This then is the first trailer so equipped with the unique Soft Sider system. The 1,000mm high curtain is designed to be in position at any time whilst a driver is working on the trailer back to restrain his load or disconnect restraints. The only time the curtains come down is whilst loading is taking place. The rest of the time the curtains offer three spin off benefits. The first is that they act as another layer of load safety in that the curtains will help contain loads on the vehicle bed in the event that the primary restraint system is in any way compromised (we definitely don’t regard the curtains are primary load restraint). The second spin off benefit is that of aero dynamics. The curtains are proven to help clean up airflow around the vehicle side and slightly improve fuel consumption. Finally the curtains give a greater advertisement for Shepherds.

Keep a look out for these unique trailers we have two more on order, coming to your motorways very soon.

Ian Davis Takes Delivery of Double Deck Trailer

May 2017 see’s Ian Davis Director at Shepherds take delivery of a brand new Double Deck trailer from Deker Trailers.

The trailer is yet another first for Shepherds. It has two significant differences between itself and the rest of the Shepherds Double Deck fleet.

First is a significant step up in terms of road safety and operator safety. The trailer is now equipped with a 2nd inner load safety curtain designed to prevent materials from falling from the vehicle and cause danger to other road users. The mesh design of this inner curtain also has a spin off benefit in that it allows operators to see if the load has moved prior to opening the curtain and thus prevent anything from falling onto them whilst unloading the trailer.

The second significant change is the design of the trailer rear end. You can see from the picture that the curtains now wrap around the rear of the trailer. The benefit of this feature is that it allows the curtains to be stowed out of the way and clear of the load deck whilst loading and unloading much better than a conventional trailer.


March 2017

Shepherd Distribution – A nostalgic look back in time...

A friend of Shepherd Distribution stumbled across this picture of a Shepherds ERF truck, the picture was in a nostalgia section of the Sheffield Star News Paper and was a re-print from 1976.

Rag PArade 1976

The picture is 41 years old, however to the astonishment of the management and staff at Shepherds the Encyclopaedic Trevor Hirst (long serving Finance Director) was able to tell the team that the event was the Sheffield Rag Parade (1976), the driver was a Mr Barry Bishop and that the truck was one of three ERF tractor units that Shepherds operated at the time. He could even remember the trucks registration number LDT 444P, amazing knowledge and another example of the history and nostalgia associated with the company.

Mark Wild takes delivery of Volvo FH500 Tractor Unit

Mark Wild (left) Transport planner who's just celebrated 18  years service with Shepherds takes delivery of yet another Volvo FH500 tractor unit from Kevan Morris (right) Sales Manager of Crossroads Volvo Rotherham.

Volvo FH500 Tractor Unit

These 500bhp monsters are now the back bone of Shepherds long distance fleet covering the entire country. This particular truck is the first tractor unit to be comprehensively equipped to the FORS Gold standard before it even starts work, its sister tractor units having been equipped once already in service. She'll work night and day for the next three years after which time she'll be replaced by another new FH500 to the latest specification.

Gary Pollard Take Delivery of a New Volvo FE250 I-Shift Softsider

Gary Pollard Shepherds Transport Planner (left) Takes delivery of a brand new Volvo FE250 I-Shift Softsider from Kevan Morris Sales Manager Crossroads Volvo Rotherham.

Volvo FE250 I-Shift Softsider

Another in a long line of the now standard "Softside" specification flat bed trucks. This one brings with it a couple of firsts for Shepherds. Its the first to have the slightly longer 26ft body as opposed to the previous 25ft standard body. It’s also the first Shepherds 18t truck to join the fleet having already been comprehensively equipped to meet the FORS Gold standard before it even starts work. This latest FORS standard now includes for example reversing cameras along with a host of extra pedestrian and cyclist safety features.

February 2017

Terberg - Specialist Depot Shunter

February 2017 brings yet another first for Shepherd Distribution. This time it comes in the form of the unusual looking Terberg YT180 depot shunter.

Terberg depot shunter

The Terberg uses a six cylinder Cummins 220BHP engine allied to an automated manual gearbox with exceptionally low ratio’s. It designed with the specific job of making it easy to move trailers up to 32,000kgs quickly and safely. Unlike the cab of a traditional tractor unit the cab of the Terberg gives the driver a 360’ view from his seat with little or nothing to obscure his view. This makes reversing with trailers a whole lot easier / safer.

Another neat trick the Terberg has up it’s sleeve is the ability to raise its “5th” wheel so high that the landing legs of a trailer don’t need to be retracted before the trailer is moved.

January 2017

Tanya Storey at Shepherd Distribution - 30 years and counting!!!

Charismatic Tanya joined Shepherds in January 1987 as a college leaver to be a junior office admin assistant. Over the following 30 years she has undertaken virtually ever type of office duty you could expect in a busy transport business and is a key colleague, a real genuine down to earth character and a testament to life and career at Shepherds.

Here's looking forward to the next 30 years...

Well done Tanya.


Trevor Hirst celebrates 60th Birthday and 44 years at Shepherds

Jan 2017 Trevor Hirst celebrates his 60th birthday. In July 2017 he'll have been at Shepherds for 44 years having joined the company in July 1973 as a 16 year old direct from school. Trevor is something of a legend at Shepherds showing that the "office boy" can really make good.

Trevor's steadfast loyalty, commitment and hard work eventually put him in a position where he was able to be a part of a Management Buy Out of the company. From that point until he sold his shares Trevor was both Finance Director and major shareholder in the company.

Today Trevor remains a key person in the Shepherds team as custodian of the company finances. Long may he remain the legend that he is.... Trevor Hirst.

Shepherds retain its FORS GOLD Accreditation.

The Freight Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS) is a membership scheme that aims to improve freight delivery in London. Shepherds have been members since 2012 and during January 2017 passed its annual assessment for the Gold accreditation.

Shepherds are amongst a small band of operators to reach this standard

FORS has recently moved to version 4 which has adopted even more safety practices

Shepherd FORS 2017

October 2016

Shepherd’s charity golf day in aid of Bluebell Wood.

Shepherd’s charity golf day in aid of Bluebell Wood took place on Friday 30th September 2016.

The Shepherd's golf team

The Shepherd Team.

There were 16 teams taking part on the day and the team from Barclays bank had the best team score finishing in first place.


There was a beat the pro competition on hole 11 with all proceeds going to Bluebell Wood.


The weather was kind to us and so too were the many donations received for the prize raffle & auction.

Cheque presentation

A cheque for £3250 was presented to Julie Hampson from Bluebell Wood (photo above – left to right Ted Hemsley (SUFC legend); John Hamilton (Director of Kudos & event Co-ordinator); Keith Edwards (SUFC legend); Laurence Abel (MD Shepherds); Julie Hampson (Bluebell Wood) & Ian Davis (Director Shepherds).

A big thank-you for your kind support.

August 2016

19-8-16 Breakfast morning at Shepherd Distribution in aid of Bluebell Wood.

Caty & Tom Abel took time away from their six week summer holiday to cook bacon sandwiches for staff members.

They also baked cakes (see photo) & sold these to staff at Shepherds & neighbours Birley Fabrication.

A big thankyou for everyone's great generosity.

A total of £200 was raised for Bluebell Wood.

Breakfast morning at Shepherd Distribution in aid of Bluebell Wood

July 2016

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents

Palletline have taken the lead in the Transport Storage and Distribution, with outstanding recognition for our networks approach to Health and Safety.

RoSPA select the very best submissions from each sector, and the submissions are further judged in a ‘competitive’ category……and this year, Palletline won!!

“Highly Commended”

ROSPA Highly Commended July 2016

May 2016

Shepherd are supporing the Eckington Summer Festival

Eckington Summer Festival, 2nd July 2016

We are pleased to announce that we will be supporting the Eckington Summer Festival.

Charity golf day planned for September 2016

On Friday 30th September 2016; Shepherds will be holding a charity golf day as part of our 70 year anniversary at Lees Hall Golf Club.

The golf day is in aid of Bluebell Wood children’s hospice.

The event is expected to be a sell out with all proceeds going to this fantastic local charity

March 2016

Ian Davis, Director, takes delivery of the latest Euro 6, 18t Softsider. Another Safety First For Shepherds.

This Euro 6 Volvo FE250 is another first for Shepherds. It features Volvo’s “Forward Collision Warning System” which uses a form of radar to detect the proximity and speed of vehicles infront of the truck. If the difference in speed is above what the system regards as safe it applies the trucks brakes to prevent a collision.

The truck is also equipped with Volvo’s “Lane Keep Warning System” a feature that warns the driver in the event he begins to drift out of his lane whilst driving.

All vehicles purchased by Shepherds going forwards will have these two new safety features.


February 2016

Shepherds retain its FORS GOLD Accreditation.

The Freight Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS) is a membership scheme that aims to improve freight delivery in London. Shepherds have been members since 2012 and during February 2016 passed its annual assessment for the Gold accreditation.

Shepherds have invested significantly in enhanced vehicle safety along with its commitment towards training; performance management; legal compliance; and our corporate social responsibility to improve the safety of road freight operations.

November 2015

Shepherds Driver Training Academy Goes from Strength to Strength

Shepherds established its in-house Driver Academy in 2014, as a proactive response to expected driver shortages resulting from new Driver CPC legislation.

Our idea was to provide an opportunity for new people who wanted to become professional drivers, even if they had no previous experience of working in the logistics sector.

A year on, we're delighted to say that the Academy is going from strength to strength, making a valuable contribution to the region's skilled logistics workforce and meeting Shepherds' own need for qualified drivers.


Click here for further details


October 2015

Shepherds signs up to the Bluebell Wood 365 Business Club

Shepherds are delighted to announce that it has joined the Bluebell Wood 365 business club.

The initiative was recently launched by Bluebell Wood hospice and Shepherds are delighted to support this valued charity. We would also encourage other businesses to follow suit.

To find out more please log onto

Bluebellwood Business Club 360

August 2015

Shepherds Help Transport Team Elecomm up Ben Nevis

Shepherd Distribution were one of the main sponsors of the Elecomm Ben Nevis Challenge Team who were raising funds for Elecomm’s and Shepherds nominated charity namely Bluebell Wood Children’s Hospice.

The challenge is an incredible mental and physical challenge and the team completed the 15 mile climb up and down Ben Nevis, 15 mile bike ride, 2 mile Kayak and the final 10 mile Bike ride in 9 hours and 19 mins and were placed a credible 10th out of 88 teams and the team were really pleased with their efforts.

Thanks to the support of Shepherd and other sponsors the Ben Nevis challenge team have raised just under £3000 for this event and are aiming for £10,000 in total for Bluebell Wood Children’s Hospice in 2015. The Shepherds logo was placed on the front of the shirt and on the back of the jacket and ½ way up the mountain another challenge team member asked one of the Elecomm team if they were from Sheffield as they recognised the familiar Shepherd logo which was great to hear.

Ben Nevis Challenge

The team are looking into their next challenge and are hoping for the same level of support from its main sponsors, thanks again to Shepherd for their invaluable support.

July 2015

Bakesale at Shepherd Distribution Services – 16-July-2015

Cousins Catherine & Lauren Abel both age 14 and students at All Saints Roman Catholic School in Sheffield raised £125 by arranging a bakesale day at Shepherds offices in Sheffield.

They spent the morning making bacon sandwiches for staff and selling cakes they had made – a great success & enjoyed by all!

March 2015

Mark Makings Site Operations & Compliance Manager takes delivery of the latest Euro 6, 26t Softsider.

This Euro 6 Volvo FE320 is Shepherds first 26t Softsider all the rest having been 18t vehicles. It's powerful 320hp engine gives it the muscle to operate at 26t Gross Vehicle Weight. The remarkable 12 speed I-Shift automatic gearbox helps make sure all that power is deployed as efficiently as possible.

Perhaps of even more importance than efficiency are the safety features on this truck. It joins a growing list of Shepherds trucks equipped with the Softside driver fall arrest system. Unlike traditional flat bed vehicles the "Softsides" allow the driver to work safely on the back of the vehicle without fear of falling to the ground.


Kevan Morris of Crossroads Volvo can be seen here shaking the hand of Site Operations & Compliance Manager Mark Makings as he hands over the keys to this FE320.

March 2015

Adrian Shaw takes delivery of the latest Euro 6.

Adrian Shaw of Shepherds Palletline division takes delivery of the latest Euro 6 Palletline vehicle. This is Shepherds second Euro 6 DAF LF250 curtain sided truck. It boasts the super-efficient combination of the 250bhp engine coupled to clever automatic gearbox.


Perhaps of even more importance than efficiency are the safety features on this truck. It joins a long list of Shepherds Palletline trucks equipped with what we consider to be the worlds best load restrain system known as Guardian. Guardian is a roof suspended system that restrains pallets to the vehicle bed thus making them safer and complying with the latest DVSA requirements for load restraint. It is a frightening fact that most competitor trucks do not use DVSA compliant load restraint systems thus risk injury to their drivers and other road users if the loads fall from the vehicle.


The vehicle is also equipped with a super-size 1,500kgs cantilever tail lift, making tail lift deliveries much safer than those who use the much small tuck under tail lift type.

Kieth Harmston of Chatfield DAF Truck in Sheffield hands over the keys to Adrian Shaw of Shepherds.

March 2015

Nick Peters takes the keys to FH500 number 5.

March 2nd see’s the fifth Euro 6 Volvo FH500 behemoth join the fleet. These trucks are all about big numbers. 500bhp, 2,500 Nm of Torque (more than 16 x that of a new 1.6 Vauxhall Astra Hatchback). It brings with it a brand new cab design and a host of weight saving features designed to compensate for the much more sophisticated and heavier exhaust system which helps the FH500 meet the Euro 6 demands. The FH500 boasts class leading fuel consumption and driver comforts normally associated with an executive car.

Kevan Morris of Crossroads Volvo can be seen here shaking the hand of Customer Services Manager Nick Peters as he hands over the keys to this FH500.

February 2015

Shepherds Gain FORS GOLD Accreditation.

The Freight Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS) is a membership scheme that aims to improve freight delivery in London. Shepherds have been a bronze member since 2012 and have now obtained the Gold accreditation.

Shepherds have invested significantly in enhanced vehicle safety along with its commitment towards training; performance management; legal compliance; and our corporate social responsibility to improve the safety of road freight operations.

January 2015

Come & join the Shepherds driver academy!

Shepherds Driver Academy is an in-house function specially created to offer new drivers a chance to become part of the highly regarded Shepherds family of skilled and professional drivers. The academy is supported with a highly experienced training Manager and underpinned with experienced driver assessors and driver mentors. As well as practical on-the-job training, the academy helps new drivers to learn other important skills, enabling them to thrive and put their talents to the test in the real world.

For further details please contact Shepherds on 0114 253 1355 or send email

October 2014

7.5t GVW DAF LF Joins the Fleet

Joining the fleet in October is the latest 7.5t GVW DAF LF purchased to replace 2006 DAF currently contracted to Padley & Venables. The P&V livery on this latest looks especially attractive already drawing positive comments from Shepherds staff.

The vehicle is a DAF LF equipped with the new 150 BHP Euro 6 engine. Mated to a 6 speed ZF gearbox these are among the most fuel efficient engines available in the market providing exceptionally low emissions with a durability that embarrasses some of the cheaper truck brands.


The vehicle is also equipped with the very latest in safety features including most noticeably the “Soft Side” driver fall arrest system. The Soft Side allows the driver to work on the back of his vehicle to make sure that consignments are restrained safely without the risk of falling from height and causing injury. The system is easily stowed for loading / unloading and has a number of the spin off benefits. Firstly in providing passive load restraint in that in a worst case scenario small objects that come loose are always contained within the vehicle body. The system also cleans up the airflow around the vehicle load area thus given a marginal fuel consumption benefit. Finally the system provides a great advertising platform that conventional flat bed vehicle do not have.

Laurence Abel Managing Director of Shepherd Distribution can be seen here handing over the truck to Brian Hemstalk of Padley & Venables.

Vehicle hand-over

September 2014

DAF CF Euro 6 Softsider Added to Fleet

Pete Sheedy Transport Co-ordinator takes delivery of another Euro 6 Softsider for our specialised metals distribution fleet. Handing over the keys is Ellwyn Thompson of Chatfields our local DAF dealership.

DAF Euro 6

This DAF CF continues our philosophy of modernisation, simplification and drive for greater efficiency. The truck is equipped with DAF's latest Euro 6, 250bhp engine with the highly efficient 6 speed ZF automated gearbox. On it chassis is the latest body design from Micratruck incorporating all the safety features required for the vehicle to comply with the most stringent health and safety requirements.

DAF FE Euro 6 Softsider

Shepherds become Gold Member of Logistics Hub UK

What is the Logistics Hub Uk?

Logistics Hub UK is a partnership of private-sector companies and government organisations committed to the promotion, growth and development of the logistics sector in Sheffield City Region.

It is our vision to establish Sheffield City Region as the North of England's leading mulitmodal logistics hub location.

Volvo FE Euro 6 Softsider

Mark Booth, Transport Controller, takes delivery of another Euro 6 Softsider for our specialised metals distribution fleet. Handing over the keys is Kevan Morris of Crossroads Truck & Bus our local Volvo dealership.

Volvo FE Euro 6

This Volvo FE continues our philosophy of modernisation, simplification and drive for greater efficiency. The truck is equipped with Volvo’s latest Euro 6, 250bhp engine with the highly efficient 12 speed I shift automated gearbox. On it's chassis is the latest body design from Micratruck incorporating all the safety features required for the vehicle to comply with the most stringent health and safety requirements.

Volvo FE Euro 6 Softsider

July 2014

Volvo Euro 6 Tractor Unit

Latest truck to join the fleet is another first for Shepherds. This time it’s the first ever Euro 6 Tractor unit with more coming over the next few months. This particular truck is Volvo’s top of the range FH500. It brings with it a brand new cab design and a host of weight saving features designed to compensate for the much more sophisticated and heavier exhaust system which helps the FH500 meet the Euro 6 demands. The FH500 boasts class leading fuel consumption and driver comforts normally associated with an executive car.

Volvo Euro 6 Tractor Unit

Kevan Morris of Crossroads Volvo can be seen here shaking the hand of Director Ian Davis as he hands over the keys to this 500bhp leviathan.

June 2014

DAF CF65 250BHP Automatic joins the fleet at Shepherds

A DAF CF65 250BHP Automatic is the first ever Euro 6 vehicle to join the fleet at Shepherds. It also marks the beginning of a strategy to buy trucks with automatic gearboxes from 18t GVW upwards.

DAF CF65 250BHP Automatic

The Euro 6 introduces the most stringent exhaust emission standards in the world, with some engineers arguing with some justification that the air leaving the exhaust is cleaner than the air entering it. Whilst we'll not test the theory we can all see the days of black smoke bellowing from trucks is all but gone. The change to automatic gearboxes is part of an effort to improve overall fuel efficiency, improve mechanical wear and reduce one element of driver workload.

The vehicle shown is also sporting the very latest Shepherds ESV (Enhanced Safety Vehicle) specification which meets FORS, Crossrail & WRRR requirements. In Shepherds the vehicles are commonly referred to as the "Softsider", owing to their 1,000mm high curtain sitting astride the vehicle bed acting as a fall arrest system and additional (last resort) form of load restraint as well as giving a small improvement in fuel consumption and providing a great means of advertising Shepherds.

May 2014

Shepherds enjoy a day at the Karting

24 colleagues enjoyed a Sunday at the Karting tracks in Sheffield on May 18th 2014.

1st, 2nd 3rd

18T flat bed

Prize categories included group winners; fastest lap; fastest safe lap; fastest veteran & king of the spinners!
Congratulations to Lee Johnson who won 1st place in the overall grand final.
A big thank you to our sponsors who donated the magnificent prizes.

Shepherd shows its ‘Soft side’

18T flat bed

The picture shows the first of two brand new 18t flat bed vehicles to join the fleet in May 2014. The vehicles are specified to our latest “Softsider” specification, incorporating the very latest in driver safety features along with being fully WRRR / Crossrail approved. The vehicles also represent a first for Shepherds in that they are both equipped with automatic gearboxes where their predecessors were all manual. The reason for this change is to help reduce driver workload, improve fuel efficiency and we anticipate greater driveline durability.

Shepherds shortlisted for Motor Transport Award for Innovation

DVSA, together with the Health & Safety Executive, have been running campaigns in which their enforcement officers have focused more attention on load security.

Award short-list

Shepherd Distribution Services has developed a unique; cost effective and easy to operate load restraint system called Guardian which can be adapted for any size curtain side vehicle.

The system is specifically designed to be retro fitted to vehicles that use systems with limited load safety. The component parts have been designed to be exceptionally robust, low cost and easily replaced in the event of damage.

The system ensures safety; reduces insurance risks; protects your operators licence from PG9’s and complies with UK legislation.

Innovation Award

April 2014

Shepherds Gain FORS SILVER Accreditation.

The Freight Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS) is a membership scheme that aims to improve freight delivery in London. Shepherds have been a bronze member since 2012 and have now obtained the Silver accreditation.

This further demonstrates Shepherds commitment towards training; performance management; legal compliance; and our corporate social responsibility to improve the safety of road freight operations.

January 2014

Shepherd’s have teamed up with RISE Sheffield

The RISE internship scheme brings together graduates, who want to work hard and do great things, with Sheffield-based businesses who appreciate an injection of energy and new ideas.

Our first RISE internship started in January 2014 and we welcome Hannah Gaunt to the customer service team

October 2013

New recruits bolster the team

The Directors, Management and colleagues at Shepherd Distribution Services are very pleased to welcome 2 new members to the team adding great experience and knowledge to its long serving sizeable group of back office support colleagues.

Mark Makings joins the business as Site Operations / Compliance Manager
Gary Pollard joins as Transport Co-ordinator

We warmly welcome the addition of these 2 key colleagues to our operation.

August 2013

New Imagery for Shepherds Fleet

Shepherd Distribution Services have recently developed a new modern feel to their vehicle livery which will be phased in across their extensive fleet of vehicles. The images show Shepherds second ever FH500 sporting the new refreshed vehicle livery, going forward all new vehicles will carry this livery which although new was designed to be instantly recognizable as being a continuation of the Shepherds brand.

New vehicle livery   New vehicle livery

New vehicle livery   John Crossland from Volvo handing the vehicle over to Ian Davis

Picture (above right) shows John Crossland from Volvo handing the vehicle over to Ian Davis Director of Shepherd Distribution.

July 2013

Motor Transport Awards – July 2013

Palletline once again featured prominently in the Motor Transport Awards; winning the Safety in Operation Award along with the Team of the Year.

Comedian Dara O’Briain was the host of the awards with more than 1600 guests in attendance at the Grosvenor House Hotel in London.

Shepherd Distribution Services MD Laurence Abel commented – 'We are proud to be members of such a well-respected; award winning network. Its successes are testament to the combined efforts of Shepherds and our fellow members'.

Shepherds Fall Arrest System Puts Safety First

Shepherd Distribution have continued their on-going safety first campaign by introducing the Fall Arrest System onto their fleet.

The system acts as a fall protection device in the event of the driver having to access the bed of the vehicle. The curtains are light and easy to attach and detach and with this add invaluable safety without much difficulty.

vehicle fitted with the fall arrest system
The photo shows one of its new vehicles fitted with the fall arrest system.

May 2013

Two New Volvo FH Tractor Units For Shepherds.

Shepherds first ever Volvo FH (extra spacious cab – Full Height). This is effectively a taller more spacious Volvo FM

The image pictures John Crossland of Crossroads Volvo in Rotherham handing the vehicle over to Shepherd Director Ian Davis.

They will be the first ever Shepherds vehicle to have 500BHP.

March 2013

FORS Membership – Bronze Assessment Audit

During the month of March Shepherds were audited by the FTA and successfully passed its annual assessment.

The Freight Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS) is a membership scheme that aims to improve freight delivery in London.

Shepherds undertake a significant amount of work within the London area and this accreditation helps support other London based projects such as the Crossrail project.

November 2012

Nostalgic Memories of Sheffield

Shepherd Distribution Services feature in the ‘Nostalgic Memories of Sheffield’ book which has been published by True North Books Ltd.

The book is now on sale in high street stores and covers:

  • Victorian & Edwardian Sheffield
  • Entertainment; leisure & Pastimes
  • Building & Monuments
  • World War
  • Events & Occasions
  • Working Life

The feature on Shepherds goes through the history of the company right through to today

October 2012

A Former Employee Shares His Memories

Click here to read more.

Delivery of New 26t flat DAF CF85 310HP

Going into service Monday 15th October, Shepherd have added another superb vehicle to their already impressive fleet, the latest 26t flat DAF CF85 310HP incorporates latest Shepherds safety features SD/F26/V2 including removable side posts, boxing ring driver safety aid and movable bulkheads.

The image pictures Ellwyn Thompson of Chatfields DAF handing the vehicle over to Shepherd Managing Director Laurence Abel.

Close-Up On Our New DAF LF55's

Click here to read more about our latest vehicles.

September 2012

More New Vehicles For Shepherds

Five more brand new top of the range vehicles have been added to the company’s fleet mix. They include 2 x Volvo FM460 tractor units; 2 x DAF LF55 18t curtain side rigid and 1 x DAF CF75 26t flat.

Two of the new arrivals – The Volvo FM460’s tractor units (pictured left Ian Davis – Director of Shepherds; John Crossland – Area Sales Manager Crossroads Volvo)

August 2012

Bluebell Wood Children’s Hospice

Shepherds will be helping to support local charity Bluebell Wood.

The charity offers care and support to sick children; along with many other forms of support which include:-

  • Residential stays in the hospice, where a child can be looked after and mum and dad can have a break too
  • Day care services
  • Help in families" own homes
  • Accompanying families to hospital visits
  • Looking after brothers and sisters
  • Friendship, and a helping hand whenever it is needed
Shepherd Distribution support Bluebell Wood Childrens Hospice

July 2012

Shepherds introduce Digital Signage Network

Shepherds have recently invested in a new state of the art Digital Signage Network system.

Large TV monitors have been installed within the premises at its head office in Sheffield; allowing for instant communication to its entire staff. The system also displays real time traffic alerts; daily communication items and a variety of topical matters. This latest investment continues the theme of advanced technology developments undertaken at Shepherds.

June 2012

Olympic torch relay comes to South Yorkshire

For once planning meetings in preparation for the London Olympics were not on the agenda; instead Shepherd’s MD Laurence Abel went to see his Niece Megan Abel who was carrying the Olympic torch at Warmsworth in Doncaster. It was a very proud moment for the entire Abel family who turned out in numbers for this special occasion.

Picture - Megan running the Olympic torch relay at Warmsworth; Doncaster at 10.25am on 26/6/2012

Megan is 13 years of age and a dedicated martial artist. She is a Black belt 2nd Dan in Sports Karate and holds 11 world titles from 3 governing bodies together with many more English and British titles from the main governing bodies (WAKO, WKA, ISKA, WTKA). She trains 6 days per week and competes in semi-contact fighting, extreme martial arts (XMA) / musical forms (both open hand and weapons), together with Korean (Taekwondo), Chinese (Wushu) and traditional forms or katas. This makes Megan pretty special as very few of the top competitors compete at the highest level in both fighting and forms. Megan recently won the Sheffield Star Newspaper's 'Superkid' award for her contribution to sport and was awarded top girl forms competitor by governing body ISKA at their 2010 awards. Megan also takes part in gymnastics in order to improve her freestyle / XMA forms. She helps teach other children at her dojo at Sheffield Dragons College of Martial Arts and at The Steel City Gymnasium.

Picture - Megan afterwards with her proud Uncle Laurence


Palletline PLC scooped ‘Best Network’ in the Motor Transport Awards, the industry’s most prestigious event, held on 13th June at London’s Grosvenor Hotel.

The organisation’s efficient model supports numerous businesses, enabling them to get their goods to market cost effectively and in a timely manner.

Palletline’s market leading service is made possible by its members, who are handpicked from some of the UK’s finest hauliers, including ourselves Shepherd Distribution Services.

Laurence Abel; Managing Director of Shepherds commented on the award win: “We’re proud to be a shareholder member of the Palletline network. The award is well deserved and demonstrates the high service levels that the network can deliver, time after time, to our customers.”

This year’s shortlist was comprised solely of palletised distribution networks, making the win particularly significant for Palletline and a confirmation of its long held status as the industry’s most highly regarded network.

Kevin Buchanan, Managing Director of Palletline, said: “We’re absolutely delighted. Our five year plan to clearly distinguish ourselves at the forefront of the industry has resulted in this award and everyone in the organisation is proud to have been judged against our competitors and recognised as the premier network.

Picture – Kevin Buchanan MD of Palletline (centre) collecting the award

We wanted our entry to communicate our commitment to quality and innovation – and above all – our members. It’s clear that our ethos was a big differentiator, including the fact we’re the only true co-operative in the industry. Plus, some market leading service level statistics didn’t hurt!”

Currently celebrating its 20th anniversary, Palletline revolutionised the market by creating an innovative ‘hub and spoke’ based system – members deliver customer freight to their regional hub, where it is sorted and delivered to the addressee by a member based in the destination region.

This method creates significant operational and environmental efficiencies, and reduces the cost of transporting smaller palletised shipments long distances – ensuring it remains the industry benchmark today.

New Corporate Uniform

Shepherd’s has rolled out its new corporate uniform to its entire workforce. A more modern approach has been adopted with operational staff having a selection of polo shirts; sweat shirts and body warmers all embossed with the Shepherds corporate logo.

April 2012

Shepherds Gain FORS Accreditation.

The Freight Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS) is a membership scheme that aims to improve freight delivery in London.

In order to obtain the accreditation Shepherds were independently audited by an assessor from the FTA who undertook a thorough review of items such as Fleet; H&S/QA/QC; and its Operational methods.

Shepherds undertake a significant amount of work within the London area and this accreditation will also help support other London based projects such as the Crossrail project.

Another Fleet addition for Shepherds....Volvo FM 460 Globetrotter.

Shepherd Distribution are delighted to have added another key vehicle to its already impressive fleet with the addition of a new £70,000 Volvo FM460 Globetrotter.

The vehicle was presented by John Crossland of Crossroads Volvo Rotherham to Ian Davis, Director at Shepherd Distribution.

Ian Davis commented ‘We at Shepherd Distribution are delighted to have added this fantastic vehicle to our already significant fleet of vehicles. This modern well equipped Volvo FM 460 Globetrotter has the capability to move considerable loads and assists us greatly in our drive to grow and fits well into our ethos of continuous improvement’.

For more information on this fleet addition or on Shepherd Distribution please contact us.

March 2012

Palletline 20th Anniversary Awards Evening.

Palletline celebrated its 20th anniversary with an anniversary awards evening held at the Chesford Grange Hotel; Kenilworth on Saturday 3rd March 2012.

There were extra special celebrations for Shepherds as we were shortlisted for key awards and most notably Tanya Storey won the ‘Palletline People Award’

Tanya, who has been Finance Administrator at Shepherds since 1987, can be seen collecting her award along with a select band of winners from within the Palletline network.

Managing Director Laurence Abel says "Tanya’s work ethic is refreshing to see and the volume of work she can undertake is impressive indeed. She is a true asset to Shepherds and Palletline".

The event was a superb night with somewhere in the region of 400+ guests in attendance; the awards evening was presented by comedian/ TV presenter Patrick Kielty.

Shepherd Talk Technology in the Sheffield Star.

Another chance to read the article "Technology to Make a Difference" that was published in the Sheffield Star on February 29th.

Download the PDF document here.

February 2012

Shepherds take delivery of new DAF LF45

A 7.5t DAF flat bed vehicle has been added to the fleet during the month. This vehicle will be compliant for the London emission zone which commenced January 2012. This vehicle is an Enhanced environmentally friendly vehicle (EEV)

The picture shows Shepherds Director Ian Davis taking delivery from Ellwyn Thompson, Truck Sales Executive from Chatfields.

January 2012

Shepherds make significant investment in new PDA technology

During January 2012 Shepherds roll out the ES400 Motorola PDA across its entire fleet, giving full digital signature capture and delivery status.

Phase two of the roll out will see ‘Geo-fence’ real time visual mapping and delivery status M.I.S modules to further compliment the company’s already impressive advanced technology solutions .

December 2011

New IT system Launched

During December the company went live with its new Palletline IT system ‘’Contrado’’. This was a seamless transition and is already proving a wise move.

The new module will give the company greater visibility to delivery status, improved communication via its member companies and further enhance our reporting / M.I.S capabilities.

Watch this space for more IT related investments due early 2012...

September 2011

Current Job Vacancies

Shepherd Distribution are looking for candidates to fill two job vacancies. See our Careers page for more information.

Long Service Awards

Congratulations go to two of our long serving dedicated employees who have been with Shepherd Distribution Services for over 20 years

Tanya Storey joined the company back in 1987 and is part of our finance team.

Steve Race heads up our engineering services department and has been with the company since 1991.

Both employees received a gift in recognition from the Directors of the company.

August 2011

Continuous Upgrading - New Fleet Addition

As part of our commitment to continuously upgrading our facilities, equipment and service offerings during August 2011 we added another new vehicle to our already extensive fleet. An 18 tonne DAF LF55 curtain side vehicle has been added to allow us to continue to service our customers to the extremely high standards they have become accustomed to.

July 2011

Safety Bollards

Following successful trials of our in house designed spring loaded bollard we will now be replacing all the old type ones to the new design which is spring loaded and made of heavy duty polyurethane.

Shepherds Boost Their Winning Team With New Additions

We are pleased to announce more members to our wining team and welcome:-

Cole Taylor - Transport Administration
Mario Esposito - Transport Administration
Mathew Bateman - Driver
Richard Beech - Driver
Sina Minavi - Driver
Richard Turton - Loader/Operative

Safety First - Shepherds Freight Presentation Guide

During June and July we hand delivered copies of our new Freight Presentation Guide to many of our customers and explained its importance which was very well received. Working with our customers we aim to further enhance best practise by inviting key contacts within our client base to attend 1/2 day seminars with us working on the importance of safe loading and other best practise items.

Watch this space for more updates on the importance of safety and best practise. Read more about our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) here

June 2011

Fleet Upgrade

In keeping with our business enhancement programme we have added another new vehicle to our fleet. The vehicle is a Volvo FE240 18T flat-bed lorry and compliments our already impressive fleet allowing us to maintain our high standards of delivery performance utilising the very latest delivery equipment.

For more information visit our gallery or contact us.

May 2011

Customers can now track their deliveries from our Customer Log In Page

March 2011

New web site launched

Shepherds first web site launched by new owners Q1 2011. The intention of the web site is to enable potential new clients to gain a better understanding of Shepherds both past and present. It also allows existing clients to utilise the web site for day to day business requirements / news items.

January 2011

Shepherds trial new Mercedes Axor

As part of our continued investment plans, Shepherds are evaluating Mercedes latest Axor tractor unit for fuel efficiency and reliability.

December 2010

Snow doesn't stop show.

Severe weather conditions endured during the latter part of 2010 placed the UK's transport sector under enormous pressure. Despite this Shepherds reacted by putting in place its Winter Weather Contingency Plan which minimised disruption. In readiness for further severe conditions Shepherds have invested in new Snow ploughing equipment.

August 2010

New owners invest

Laurence Abel and Ian Davis both aged 40 become the new co-owners of Shepherds taking over the running of the company with immediate effect. They also announce that all three previous owners will continue to work within the company performing important supporting roles.

Laurence has a strong commercial background and has worked within the Logistics industry for the past 17 years, previously working in the steel manufacturing sector. Laurence has spent the past 10 years working as a statutory board member of Cert Octavian PLC, a £50m turnover premium logistics service provider.

Ian has a strong sales and marketing background having worked for, and then purchased via a management buy-out the Deritend Group Ltd, a £26m turnover engineering services and manufacturing business.

Shepherd Distribution Services

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